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Principals & Administrators:  We are ready to start our new paperless process. Our official start date will be Monday, August 22.  Beginning on that date, if you are submitting a recommendation through HRMS you will also need to scan the applicants Driver's License and Social Security Card.  You will email those documents to Fredia Hill in HR.  You will no longer have to send the CHC or MOU.  Remember that we will send an email with a PIN number for the candidate to complete the CHC and MOU.  When interviewing your candidate verify their email address on the application.  If it is not correct please notify us so we can send the PIN to the correct email.  If they do not have an email address, please contact Darlene to determine a method for getting the PIN to the applicant.
If you are hiring a teacher assistant, remember that they must agree to being a dual position employee.  Therefore, you will need to have them sign the document and send it with the email to Fredia Hill.  This will include all teacher assistants including EC.